Friday, October 10, 2008

About my blog

The reason that i started this blog is is that i need one website where i will be bookmarking all my online activities, and sometimes share my life and internet experiences online which i believe will be of help to anyone that stumble on my blog, you might see advert or links , there are my online activities which if I benefit or get burnt from it, i will write about it here
I love google ADSENSE not just for making money through it but for the fact that it helps me find the informations that i really needed right here though i can't click through from my own blog site as directed by google. Internet is too complex that sometimes you find yourself engaging in different activity that will waste so much of your time forgeting what your actually online to do.
My name is Micheal Anthony O.Am 31yrs young, am single, fair,tall,handsome,i think am also wealthy, I love travelling and i like happy people.
I have a lot of my favourite bookmarks which i will still post here later when i have enough time to be writing on my blog atleast weekly for myself untill i have enough time to advertise it for more people to see. I also like to meet nice,fun loving personals through here, you can send me mail through my blog email :

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