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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Every time my computer hard disk got problem or my files got corrupted, what next i loose some bucks to fix it and time that i should be doing other things, i know someone out there is trying to steal my information(visa card)lol, someone is trying to make money online thru opp(other peoples property) well its not that easy to get mine because i have learn alot all these years online, i use my credit card online only thru my mobile phone/opera mini web browser, well there is a lot of way to be browsing saftley like installing firewall like zone alarm pro which is my favorite, spyware blaster,firefox browser etc., internet should be fun but alot of odd things in our world make it not to be, though some people enjoy odd things,lol....To be continued...

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  1. The best way to buy online is through paypal but any payment made to scam website might result to your credit number been stolen, you can also apply for vbv which means verified by visa, as you said in your post, first thing to do online is to know about security and browsing safetly online to avoid working for others



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